Appraiser appreciates Ottawa after time away

Family and community are two things that Wade Hepner prizes above all else, and it took leaving the Franklin County area for work for him to find that out.

“My thoughts at that time were, ‘I want to go conquer the world and get out of Ottawa,’” he recalled, thinking back to his college days at Ottawa University. “And then, after I got out into the world, I realized that conquering the world wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore, and that Ottawa had about everything that I needed. Growing up here, I took a lot of it for granted, but after I was away and came back, I realized that the qualities of Ottawa were very important to me.”

A lifelong resident of Ottawa, Hepner came back to work as a real estate appraiser with his father at Hepner Appraisals, a job that he has come to love for different reasons.

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