Merriam looking to ease requirements on pet owners: eliminate permits, increase animals allowed

Merriam is planning to remove some restrictions from its animal control ordinance that would make it easier for residents to have more animals in the house. “I think this will make our city a more pet-friendly area,” said Merriam Police Chief Mike Daniels.

The proposal comes in the wake of the closing of one of the Great Plains SPCA locations in Merriam. Great Plains is closing its intake shelter on 67th Street, but still operates a Merriam location on Antioch Drive.

Daniels asked the city council to consider dropping the permit requirement if a resident wants to have more than two dogs or three cats and allow three dogs and three cats per household without additional permits above the annual license. That would also remove the required investigation which includes speaking to neighbors. Merriam operates its own animal control through its Community Service Officers.

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