Landfill operators apologize for odor, mess in Shawnee

Officials from the Johnson County landfill apologized this week for the strong odors, muddy streets near the landfill and trash along the highway that have plagued Shawnee residents for the past six months.

Landfill operators appeared before the Shawnee Planning Commission Wednesday night to explain what steps they are taking to solve problems that have caused a spike in complaints to the city in the months since Deffenbaugh Industries was bought by Waste Management.

“Quite honestly, we dropped the ball,” said Jim Murray, senior district manager at the landfill. “We didn’t perform up to the level the city was used to.”

The apology didn’t stop some commissioners from chastising the company. Commission Chairman Augie Bogina expressed frustration that complaints from citizens and inquiries from the city were not promptly taken care of.

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