Bombardier layoffs mean questions about City, County financial help

The announcement of layoffs at Bombardier in Wichita is a blow to workers at the aircraft company.

Over the next two years, the Montreal-based company plans to cut 7,000 jobs worldwide. 220 of those jobs are in Wichita. …
In November 2011, the city and Sedgwick County each provided $1 million as a matching grant to Bombardier. …

While the city wouldn’t give specifics on job numbers for the past two years, city council members say they continue to look into what actions the city can take after Wednesday’s layoff announcement.

“It is too soon to know what’s gonna happen with the contract that we have with Bombardier,” said City Council Member James Clendenin. “But, in all of our city contracts, we have certain clawbacks and accountability measures in there.

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