Augusta City Council makes exception for family’s request

Council members heard from Bob Sage, who discussed Elmwood Cemetery regulations regarding the prohibition of granite and cement grave covers, which have been used many times for family or companion plots. Sage has a family plot with the above-ground covers in the older part of the cemetery and was asking councilors to waive or change the requirements in order for a cover to be placed on a newly added grave to the same area. The new grave is between two others with the granite covers and is situated with five others with the same covers.

According to city records, pursuant to Article 5, Section 12-546 of city code, “Monuments commonly known as above ground vaults are strictly prohibited from being placed in the cemetery” was put into place in 2002, which means the cover placed in 2014 was in violation of the ordinance.
City Manager Josh Shaw responded, “The ordinance is consistent provision in lots of other places. There are a lot of maintenance issues produced by the above ground vaults. It makes the area inaccessible for mowers and equipment. That would be my guess on to why there is this ordinance.”

(Read more: – Butler County Times Gazette)

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