Hutch council rejects request to change rental inspection program

The Hutchinson City Council on Tuesday denied a request from Investment Resources Corp. of Wichita to exempt new and federally subsidized rentals from the city’s rental registration and inspection program.

Representatives of smaller landlords spoke against the proposed change Tuesday.

Attorney Jim Oswalt said he was there on behalf of Jim and Barbara Nunns, in particular, and that he represented numerous other small landlords. He said they objected to exempting federally subsidized rentals from the program because those rentals may still need to be inspected if there are complaints and because the program was designed to be financially self-sustaining.

Planning and Development Director Jana McCarron estimated that exempting only the subsidized categories requested by Investment Resources would mean a loss of about $15,000 a year in revenue. Exempting all subsidized rentals would be a loss of about $25,000, McCarron said.

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