Sedgwick County one of two supporting state-imposed tax lid

Sedgwick County Commissioners clashed last week over a state-imposed property tax lid that would require local governments to hold a public election in order to spend an increased amount of taxes above the adjusted Consumer Price Index set by the state.
The tax lid was passed during the last legislative session and was to go into effect in 2018. But a bill being looked at this year could push the implementation up to 2017, which could affect this year’s budget process.

Commission Chairman Jim Howell, who represents Derby and Mulvane, said he wanted county staff to come up with a proposal to send to Topeka on making the bill more workable.
But [Commissioner] Unruh said Sedgwick County should instead join the 103 counties attempting to force a repeal of the bill. He said Sedgwick County is one of only two Kansas counties supporting the bill.

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