New court administrator brings 27 years experience to Shawnee County post, knows how to control costs

The new Shawnee County District Court administrator has demonstrated an ability to control costs.

Over a period of seven years, Charles Hydovitz saved $852,000 for his former employer, the Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety, by organizing police officers’ court appearances to minimize overtime costs.

Pennsylvania officers were testifying on their days off and were being paid overtime, said Hydovitz, who was then the support services administrator of the public safety department.

Rather than paying an officer $70 for each hearing on three separate days — a total of $210 — he or she was paid $70 for three appearances on one day.

Hydovitz developed a computer program to aid in clustering the officer court appearances, saving several hundred thousand dollars.

On Monday, Hydovitz, 54, reported for duty as the Shawnee County District Court administrator.

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