Local officials oppose property tax lid bill

Representatives of the City of Garden City, Finney County and other municipalities and counties were in Topeka the last week of January voicing opposition to a bill that seeks to move up the effective date of a tax lid and eliminate some exemptions to it.

The tax lid, passed last legislative session to become effective in 2018, says local taxing entities, including cities and counties, can’t spend property tax revenue that exceeds annual inflation unless voters approve. …

Assuming the city needed more tax funds than it levied the previous year, Garden City Assistant City Manager Jennifer Cunningham said, an election would cost between $10,000 and $15,000.

If voters rejected the proposed increase, the city would have to make cuts in its general fund. Considering 45 percent of the general fund is devoted to police and fire protection, those likely would be areas the city would have to look at first when considering cuts.

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