Derby barters down county to repair rutted road

Derby City Council tipped the scales in their favor last week, approving a deal with Sedgwick County and Rockford Township to pave what has been called one of the worst roads in the county.
Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell, who lives in Derby, said he would like to improve 87th Street east of Derby from Rock Road to Webb Road. The repairs would be part of a county program that allows Commissioners to pick one mile of county road to pave every other year.
Howell said he would like to pave a half-mile of road connecting to Wichita’s new Southeast High School near Pawnee and 127th Streets.
For the other half-mile, Howell said he would like to pave 87th Street from Rock to Webb, which is already partially paved. But he asked for assistance from Derby because the road is a little over half a mile and part of the road is adjacent to the city’s limits.
Rockford Township, which maintains the road now, also agreed to pay a modest portion of the project.
“This is now a three-way partnership,” Howell said. “This does help the township – it helps people move around the county.”

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