New ‘approachable’ Baldwin City administrator settling into job

Glenn Rodden spent his first two days a Baldwin City administrator meeting his staff and well-wishers from the community.

That’s fine with Rodden, who said he had an open-door policy, despite his office being behind a locked door leading to the second floor of Baldwin City Hall.

“I have no problem with that,” Rodden said of drop-ins. “If I’m here in the office, it’s not a problem. I can come downstairs to meet with someone if I have to.”

Beloit Mayor Tom Naasz said Rodden’s accessibility was one of his strengths. Rodden was city administrator at Beloit for the past seven years. He previously had been city administrator at Seneca and city manager of Holton.

“He’s very approachable,” Naasz said. “There was a steady stream of people wanting to see him.”

Rodden was also strong in financial management, Naasz said.

“He did a great job with budgets,” he said. “We had a surplus with all our funds this year.”

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