City of Lindsborg forgives Bethany College of debt

Bethany College owes more than $100,000 to the city of Lindsborg. Because of financial issues like that, the school was put on probation over the summer by the Higher Learning Commission. Betty Nelson is a Lindsborg city council member.

"The concern was- the gravity of it and the realization, or the fear of what our community could become if there wasn’t a Bethany College any longer."

That’s why the city decided to forgive the college’s debt. Interim president Dr. Robert Vogel says the debt came from electrical work eight years ago.

"It feels great, the money is one thing, but just to know the support the community has."

Vogel says financial issues are common in small colleges like Bethany. Nelson says with the college still on probation- this would help it get back on its feet.

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