‘It stinks’ — as Shawnee residents complain about landfill odor, Deffenbaugh works to control the stench

According to figures provided by the city, complaints about odors spiked dramatically at the end of 2015. From January through September, there were only 28 complaints about odor. From October through December, there were 138 complaints, with the most coming in December, when at least one complaint was logged each day. …

“Anytime we have a situation that affects our residents’ quality of life, we take it very seriously,” Shawnee Communications Manager Dan Ferguson said. “The operators of the landfill have expressed to us that they are making a substantial investment in the landfill, and we are hopeful that their investment will help make things better.”

The city of Shawnee has no method of penalizing or citing Deffenbaugh, now owned by the national company Waste Management, for the increased odors. The Kansas Department of Health and Energy also has no method of enforcing odor restrictions on landfills.

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