USD 250 (Pittsburg) bond fails — Nearly 60 percent of voters opposed

The Pittsburg school district’s proposed $67.6 million has bond failed

According to unofficial results released by Crawford County Clerk Don Pyle’s office on Thursday, the preliminary total was 2,986 votes against and 2,172 votes for the bond issue, or 57.89 percent against to 41.11 percent for. The official results will be determined at the county commission meeting Tuesday at 10 a.m. A total of 5,166 votes were cast, or a nearly 44 percent turnout.

Local resident Skip Urich had opposed the proposal since it was put forward by the school board in November. He is a member of the Vote No group.

“I think the voters have spoken,” Urich said. “They didn’t like the plan, it was a bad plan and too much money, it would have tore down the historic (front of the) middle school.”

Urich said this is not an “attack on education or the kids.” There are needs to address, he said, but thought some of the items were part of a “wish list.”

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