Chetopa agrees to pay some of costs in dog adoption program

The city will help an effort to keep as many dogs as possible from being euthanized in Chetopa.
The Chetopa City Council during a Jan. 19 meeting agreed to pay the boarding fees for dogs that are rescued for adoption.
Patty Amos and Robin Billingsly discussed the rescue of dogs from the local veterinary clinic during the council meeting. Stray dogs are taken to the clinic. If an adoptable dog is unclaimed by an owner and is scheduled to be euthanized, Amos rescues it to try to find a good home for it.
The veterinary clinic charges a $25 boarding fee and $15 for a rabies vaccination. Amos has been paying the $40 in fees but hoped something could be done to reduce the fees.
The council discussed the issue, including the $50 the city pays to euthanize a dog when it goes unclaimed. The council then voted unanimously to pay the boarding fee. Amos will try to negotiate with the clinic for a cheaper price for rabies vaccinations.

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