Anthony, KS: Surviving the oil patch downturn

Anthony plowed more than $20 million in new construction into the boom beginning in 2012, economic development stakeholders say, preparing for what experts saw as an onslaught of oil drilling activity. New apartments, hotels, a hardware store and a truck wash were among the city’s newest additions.
With the drillers gone, that new construction is the lure for replacement jobs.

Mike Lanie, Harper County Economic Development director, says the city has been able to offset the loss of an estimated 50 to 75 jobs that were associated with oil drilling operations.
The start of construction on an oil transmission pipeline that will transport crude oil to refineries in the Midwest has brought with it about 350 contractors, filling Anthony’s apartments, hotels and RV parks.
The pipeline is a godsend. Oil drilling has all but ceased in Harper County amid the continued decline in the price of oil — now hovering around $30 a barrel.

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