Butler County holds public hearing on building codes

Following several weeks of discussion with Chief Building Inspector Eric Triplett and the staff from the Department of Community Development, the Butler County Commissioners held the public hearing on building codes during their meeting Tuesday morning in hopes of gaining some input from local contractors on the issue.
After distributing a nine-page booklet consisting of a summary of significant changes to the codes and a rough example of some code amendments, Triplett went on to discuss the overall changes with the board.

“What we’re trying to do is create a cohesive code that’ll work across jurisdictions,” Triplett said. “The majority of them are pretty minor. There’s a lot of redundancy, clarification and language adjustment.”
He went on to explain that during the county’s use of the 2003 codes, there were only two amendments.
“We’re leveling the playing field across the landscape,” Triplett added.
Myers proposed thoroughly reviewing the recommended amendments to the codes before the final adoption so that the commission could approve of them at the same time.

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