Pittsburg residents discuss Pit Bulls

The Pittsburg City Commission heard from Pittsburg residents opposed to the city’s ordinance banning Pit Bull dogs within the city limits.

The group said the 1979 ordinance, which they called out dated, bans the “most over-bred, neglected and abused breed of dog.”
In place of the breed-specific legislation currently in place, they propose an ordinance includes large-breed registration with the city, mandatory spay and neuter without a breeder’s license and temperament tests on a case-by-case basis.
Only one resident stood up to oppose changes to the ordinance.
“I want to go on the record that I am 100 percent against any change in this ordinance,” she said. “It needs to stay the same to protect everyone in this city.”
Mayor Chuck Munsell said the commission would take the matter under advisement.

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