Ducommun plans $6M expansion – will it stay in Parsons? or move to Coffeyville?

Ducommun Inc. is planning a $6 million expansion to its local facility, but the city of Parsons likely will need an incentive package attractive enough to keep another community from stealing the new jobs that will be created, along with the current jobs at the plant.

Ducommun already has accepted bids on an expansion project in Parsons, and [City Manager Debbie] Lamb along with Jim Zaleski, economic development director… have met with local Ducommun officials to discuss the expansion.

“We’re optimistic we will be competitive,” Zaleski said on Monday after the closed sessions.
However, Ducommun also is looking into a possible relocation to Coffeyville, which, along with Montgomery County, has offered a deal that will be difficult for Parsons to match.
“It appears to be a very good deal,” Lamb said in the email. “The city is not in a position to offer the incentives that the City of Coffeyville is offering, but we are going to put our best foot forward in working with them. In the end it will be a City Commission decision, but we will not be able to offer something we do not have.”

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