Critics: School reorganization bill would diminish local voice

A lawmaker’s proposed bill to save education money by reorganizing small districts into larger districts is being criticized by some parents but particularly school superintendents.

Kansas House Bill 2504 would cut the number of districts in the state from the current 286 to 132. Representative John Bradford, a Lansing republican, introduced the plan through the House Federal and State Affairs Committee.

Rep. Bradford says the reorganization of districts could save the state $170 million over ten years by eliminating many administrator jobs, particularly superintendents of smaller districts and selling stand alone administrative offices in those districts.

But Buhler Superintendent Mike Berblinger says, “I think what it really does to me initially is it takes away local control of some of our smaller communities. If we had only one district in Reno County, some of the smaller districts would have a lot of their voice taken away.”

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