Wage, insurance increases detailed for Holton employees

Health and life insurance premi­ums are going up for Holton city employees in 2016 — and so are their wages.
During the Holton City Commis­sion’s meeting on Tuesday, com­missioners approved insurance contracts with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas for fiscal year 2016, noting that the overall price of premiums will increase by 7.57 percent, as Holton City Manager Bret Bauer noted.
Commissioners also approved a 3-percent across the board wage and salary increase for all city em­ployees, with that increase to be split accordingly for full-time and part-time employees. The wage and salary increase, commissioners noted, was similar to an increase approved last year.

The city wasn’t aware a year ago whether it would be able to keep its current policies, he said, due to is­sues with ACA. This year, he said, BC/BS officials informed Bauer that the city “could, if we so choose to,”

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