As deadline passes, Lawrence mum about next move on Oread hotel tax dispute; new questions about Oread tenants emerge

The final deadline for Oread Inn LC to comply with the city’s demands in a $500,000 tax dispute passed Monday with more contention, and city officials are remaining silent about their next move.

And while the dispute continues, a potential discrepancy has been found in the information the development group has provided to the city.

The city has spent months gathering information about The Oread hotel project after allegations came to light that a firm led by Fritzel, Oread Wholesale LC, was used to inflate sales tax totals at 1200 Oread Ave., the site of The Oread hotel. The hotel is part of a special taxing district where a large percentage of local sales tax dollars collected at the property are rebated back to the hotel development group, which is led by Fritzel.

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