Special-use vehicle proposal fails for a final time in Osawatomie

After attempts by Osawatomie City Council members to get a proposal passed temporarily allowing utility and other similar recreational off-road vehicles to be driven on city streets, a proposed ordinance failed for the second consecutive month to get enough votes to pass.
Since August, the council has discussed a proposal allowing golf carts and other special-purpose vehicles to be driven on city streets under certain conditions. …
During Thursday’s council meeting, the proposal, which was again slightly tweaked, went up before the council. If passed, the proposal would have allowed the vehicles on city streets from April through September, and required owners to register their vehicle for a $25 fee. During their discussion, council member Karen LaDuex questioned why the ordinance was even needed, stating registration fees only meant more work for city staff. Council member John Farley agreed, stating it seemed unnecessary especially during a time when the city is working on city streets.

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