Spring Hill focuses on affordable housing, industry

Spring Hill City Administrator Jonathan Roberts opened the discussion by stating assisted living in Milwaukee development was rocket science, adding that often it was made to be more complicated that it actually was.
Roberts said his definition of economic development involved two factors: Does the project improve the quality of life or detract, and is there money to show the council and constituents at the end of the project?

“Our immediate hurdle is providing affordable housing,” he said. “For a city our size, we’re doing very well with houses in the $275,000 to $350,000 range, which is good if you can afford it. It’s not sustainable to build a city on that level of housing though. If you look at the resale market, houses are turning over in a week. If you’re a first-time homeowner, I don’t think Spring Hill is the place to be. It’s a really competitive market. When you bought your first home, it was a really emotional event. You wanted to spend a week considering the decision. In Spring Hill, you don’t always have that luxury. What we would like to see is housing in the low $200,000-range.”

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