Tax lid concerns Labette County commission

Labette County commissioners have spoken against the lid to local legislators, saying it ties their hands in uncertain budgetary times, especially with three potential murder trials coming up in the next year. The board would like to see the law repealed. Commissioners have said they always try to hold the line on property taxes and will continue to do so, however.
“The state is really touting that,” Commissioner Fred Vail said of the tax lid. He expects House members to use it in election literature and events about how they held the line on taxes, limiting agencies with tax lids.
“So that makes us look a little stupid to try to get them to repeal that,” Vail said.
Commission Chairman Lonie Addis asked County Counselor Fred Johnson about litigation involved in adequately funding certain county services. Attorneys for plaintiffs tell counties or cities that they can always raise taxes to make things safer. Addis asked if the state government could be held liable for limiting counties’ and cities’ abilities to adequately fund services.

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