Paola’s legislative policy statement maps out stances

Paola’s proposed 2016 legislative policy statement takes a stance against any state policy that would further siphon revenue away from local municipalities or place additional restrictions on local tax collection. …

Some new additions to this year’s statement include:

  • The city “opposes the state-imposed property tax lid that ties city budgetary growth to the CPI and that requires a vote to exceed an arbitrary amount that has no relevance to municipal operations.”
  • The city “urges the repeal of the local property tax lid provisions contained in Senate Substitute for HB 2109 as it is unworkable as written, would totally handicap the ability of cities to provide services demanded by its citizens, would cause severe financial difficulties in the compliance of the provisions, and would lead to additional expenses for elections and related activities.”

  • The city “urges the state to abide by the legislation passed in 2012 directing fees from out-of-state companies’ commercial vehicle registrations and tags to the Special City County Highway Fund instead of diverting them to the State General Fund.”
  • The city “opposes the implementation of tax holidays that would include locally imposed sales taxes.”
  • (Read more: The Miami County Republic – news)

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