Do pit bulls pose danger? Experts weigh in

“These are dogs that have been meticulously bred over hundreds of years to have qualities that have to do with fighting and killing,” said Kenneth Phillips, a Beverly Hills lawyer who handles dog-bite cases nationally. “If you have a pointer, the pointer’s going to point. The pit bull has been hardwired to be a fighting animal that will fight to its death.”

Others just as passionately assert that breed is irrelevant. Pit bulls can be fine family pets, proponents insist, provided they get the ample exercise and training they need, and are treated with care.

“It’s more important to deal with individual dogs and hold reckless owners accountable regardless of what breed dog they own,” said Delyse Gannaway, who heads a group that helps socialize pit bulls and other large breeds at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter in preparation for adoption.

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