Carbondale city council weighs options on police department

Following three months without an active police chief, and no replacement in sight, the Carbondale City Council has begun seeking alternatives to operating and staffing its police department.

“We’re having trouble finding police officers,” said Larry Hinck, council member we. “You put the applications out, you don’t get any applicants.”

Osage County Sheriff Laurie Dunn had been asked to visit with the council during a special meeting Monday to discuss the possibility of the office taking over management and staffing of officers in Carbondale.

“It’s a big decision to give up a police department,” Dunn said. “That’s the biggest decision, deciding what’s best for the city. Most people are used to us, because where there’s no one available in the city, you get a county officer.”

Dunn said that if the sheriff’s offer were contracted to Carbondale, it would be run and maintained by officers working for the county, using county equipment. Dunn also said officers would report directly to her, and that she would report to the council.

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