It appears we (Citycode Financial LLC) are now the only Codification Service Focused Solely on Kansas

According to a news item released on Friday, it appears the other in-state codification service is now partnering with (or outsourcing work to) an Ohio company with no other Kansas clients. That would make Citycode Financial LLC the only codification service operating in, and solely for, Kansas local governments.

We attribute the tremendous growth of our city code library and success of our codification service to the following:

  • putting local governments in Kansas first
  • being responsive to the needs of our Kansas municipal clients (not the other 49 states)
  • our staff’s exceptional knowledge and experience with Kansas municipal law, finance and administration, and
  • continually monitoring the laws, news and issues that affect communities across the state of Kansas.

Don’t pay extra to outsource your municipal code to Florida, Ohio, or anywhere else.

Talk to any of our clients to discover why they never have to stress about their code again.

Contact us anytime for a code quote or for more information.


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