Improvements to taste, odor of city water supply come with $4 million price tag

In June 2012, Lawrence’s water supply took on what city leaders described as an “earthy and musty” taste and odor because of a byproduct of dead algae in the raw water taken from Clinton Lake.

The taste, which was the subject of complaints from residents, lasted about 10 days. The levels of the byproduct, called geosmin, recorded in the city’s water supply were almost four times the amount than had ever been recorded previously.

Nearly four years later, the city is set to make improvements to its water treatment process in an effort to ensure the taste isn’t affected as long — or as powerfully — again.

The improvements come at a cost of approximately $3.9 million. The City Commission agreed Tuesday to award a bid for that amount to Kansas City-based Crossland Heavy Contractors.

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