Finney County public works undergoes reorganization

Finney County’s Public Works department is undergoing something of a transition, following an organizational change made last year aimed at freeing up time for more public engineering work.

John Ellerman, county engineer, has been working for Finney County for the past 20 years, and up until recently, held the title of public works director.

In that role, Ellerman oversaw engineering, road and bridge, utilities, noxious weeds and the county’s shop, where repairs are made to county vehicles and equipment.

In July, commissioners approved a reorganization of the public works department that essentially took about half of those duties and reassigned them to a newly developed road and bridge director, a position filled by Roger Calkins in October.

Prior to the change, the public works department was made up of highway operations, engineering and general services. The public works department is now made up of engineering and road and bridge.

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