Burlingame council holds ground on animal ordinance

After brief deliberation the Burlingame City Council held their ground on its animal ordinance, effectively denying the request from resident Maya Cowen to keep her two Vietnamese pot belly pigs in the city.

“I move we leave the ordinance as is … and enforce it,” said Sheila Curtis, council member.

Rick Godderz, city attorney argued the ordinance was sufficient.

“Once you make the exception, the exceptions will consume the rule,” Godderz said. “If you’re going to make exceptions, you might as well not have the rule.”

“There are other cities debating this,” said Matthew Baker, police chief. “There are restrictions.”

Three residents spoke out against the pigs in the city during the meeting.

“When a variance is made for whatever reason, you’re creating an issue that will come up further down the road,” said Carolyn Strohm, resident.

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