Gilbert steps in as interim administrator at Ford County

With county administrator Ed Elam’s retirement, assistant administrator J.D. Gilbert will step in as interim administrator, effective Jan. 11.
Gilbert, 35, from Dallas, Texas, came to Dodge City in 2014 to serve as assistant administrator.
“I came here from Reno County, Kansas, where I served from 2008 to 2014,” he said. “In Reno County I had three different types of functions. I was the bio terrorism preparedness coordinator, so I handled all the public health planning for a terror event. I also did environmental health work like food inspections, wastewater, well and animal control. I also worked in disease investigation and surveillance.”
With a masters in business health and administration from Kansas Wesleyan University, he said he came to Dodge City because the move provided a great opportunity.

(Read more: – Dodge City Daily Globe – Dodge City, KS)

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