Derby approves turf conversion program to conserve water

Following the success of a water conservation rebate program used by the city of Derby for the past two years, Council approved an extension of the program along with $40,000 dedicated to rebates for turf or landscape bed conversions.

A total of $50,000 will go toward the program with $10,000 dedicated to the old rebate program, which encourages residents to purchase more efficient toilets or even rain barrels. The remainder of the money would go toward the new program, which began Jan. 1.

While the city saw success from the first program, Robert Mendoza, Derby’s director of public works, said the new program tackles a more major source of water usage. He said Derby’s water usage increases by 100 percent during the months of April through October, mainly due to lawn irrigation.

“Really, we’re talking another 400 million gallons of water,” he said. “The vast majority comes from irrigation – it comes from lawns, it comes from shrubs and things like that.”

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