Carbondale council criticizes media coverage of city

At the start of 2016, Carbondale City Council continued to discuss police business, despite a lack of police chief. In support of the council and the community, Tracy Smith, Carbondale citizen, voiced her opinion of how she perceived the council and the current police department’s efforts.

“There has been a lot of bad press and publicity lately about the police department and I just wanted to let the council know that I am proud of how the department is a positive and visible presence for our community,” said Smith. “I’m proud of my community, the city council and of the police department despite all the bad press. I think they are doing a good job.”

Dawn Sitz and Cheryl Lister, both council members, agreed with Smith that the press has been ruthless in shedding a bad light on the department. All council members agreed with Smith that the department was doing the best that it could despite the bad publicity.

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