Disgruntled council sends ‘aggressive’ letter to treasurer

Frustrated with special property tax assessments not being processed by the Barton County Treasurer’s Office, the Great Bend City Council Monday night approved sending a strongly worded letter to Treasurer Kevin Wondra expressing the city’s concern.
At issue is over $200,000 in mowing Fees and demolition assessments that have not been processed, City Clerk Amit Patel said. The County Treasurer’s Office has not processed some of the fees for 2014 and most of the fees for 2015.
Patel said he has been checking into the mowing and administrative charges that are sent to the county for processing along with abatement of the opera house that was razed in 2014. When he found out the extent of the problem, he felt he should bring to the council’s attention.
“Amit and I have been pretty forgiving,” City Administrator Howard Partington said regarding their dealings with the Treasurer’s Office. However, he said it was a good time for the council to make its feelings known.

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