Basset Hounds part of the lifestyle for Doug and Missy Taylor; Roeland Park exemption lets them continue to keep multiple dogs

For Doug and Missy Taylor of Roeland Park, living with Basset Hounds – and not just one – has become a lifestyle.

Thanks to an exemption from the Roeland Park City Council aimed specifically at the Taylors, it is a lifestyle that they can continue into the future. Long before they moved to Roeland Park in 1979, the Taylors had Basset Hounds in the house. And for most of those years it was more like six Basset Hounds and often a litter of puppies.

… About 10 years after moving to Roeland Park, they built an addition onto their Parish Drive home that they euphemistically call the Bassetorium. It was designed specifically for the dogs with each indoor space connecting to an outdoor run. It is well insulated, Doug says, which dampens the sound of barking that might otherwise bother the neighbors.

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