AG Schmidt seeks data about how Colorado marijuana is affecting Kansas

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has launched a statewide project to collect information about how marijuana acquired in Colorado is entering and affecting Kansas.

Schmidt said when survey responses are received and compiled later this spring, he will make them publicly available so the data can be evaluated by the public, by law enforcement officials and by policymakers. A copy of the survey distributed to county and district attorneys is available at, and a copy of the survey distributed to sheriffs and police chiefs is available at .

Anecdotal reports of the types of problems Kansas law enforcement has encountered with marijuana brought from Colorado include: People driving under the influence of Colorado marijuana, distribution in Kansas of edible food products laced with marijuana from Colorado, people who “bundle” marijuana acquired in Colorado into larger amounts and transport it into Kansas for illicit resale and distribution, and increased Kansas juvenile access to marijuana products. While the reports have been more numerous from counties near Colorado, they have come from throughout the state.

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