A group of Prairie Village residents’ concerns about their neighbor’s decision to store a full-sized Airstream trailer permanently in his driveway has the city council exploring whether changes should be made to city ordinances.

…the man has indicated he moved to Prairie Village in large part as a result of the city’s recreational vehicle storage rules, which are more permissive than those in surrounding municipalities.

Prairie Village code allows a homeowner to store a recreational vehicle on their property as long as they aren’t in the front yard (they have to be behind the front building line), aren’t within 15 feet of any street, and aren’t within five feet of the side or rear of the property.

Goldenbaum and his neighbors contend that permanently stored recreational vehicles harm the character of the neighborhood and make the homes there less appealing, noting that “even though an Airstream may be a relatively good looking trailer, there’s nothing preventing someone from storing something beat up or run down.”

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